Mate Gourd Algarrobo Half Metal Sheath and Lip

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This is a high quality hand made mate gourd made from lovely algarrobo wood with a metal sheath to protect the base of the gourd and a metal lip to protect the top

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Size Chart

This is a high quality wooden mate gourd that will last for years if treated correctly. It is made from algarrobo wood and is covered with a metal sheath on the base, and a metal lip that helps to protect the gourd. Algarrobo is also known as the carob tree a wood used as a natural sweetener. Mate cups made of algarrobo are popular because this fragrant, sweet wood contributes to the flavour of the yerba. While using the gourd a discolouration of the wood takes place. This is a natural process which occurs through the absorption of the tea.

Approximate dimensions:
Width: 80mm
Depth: 95mm
Mouth: 45mm

How to cure a wooden mate gourd
1: Wash the interior of the gourd with warm water
2: Fill the gourd with moist yerba (it can be yerba that has already been used), add warm water and leave to sit
3: The following day, remove the yerba and with a small spoon gently scrape the inside of the gourd to remove any loose material that may exist
4: Repeat this process from the beginning without washing the interior of the gourd...2 times will be sufficient to fully cure the gourd

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Curar Mate de Madera

How to cure a wooden mate gourd

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