The goal of Almacen Argentino is to bring the very best in speciality food products from Argentina to Ireland. Although probably best known for its beef and wine, Argentina produces a huge variety of high quality food products very little of which reaches European markets. We have assembled a small selection of high quality products that are uniquely Argentine in character and that are guaranteed to attract the more curious among the Irish in addition to homesick Argentines. Almacen Argentino is the original South American shop in Ireland.
Here is a brief overview of our products for non-Argentines......

Dulce de Leche
Dulce de Leche is at the heart of most Argentine deserts. There are many stories about the origin of this milk-based creamy syrup (inadequately translated as “milk jam”). One story involves the 19th century Argentine caudillo Juan Manuel de Rosas. The story goes that one winter afternoon at the Rosas house, the maid was making some lechada—a drink made with milk and sugar boiled until it starts to caramelize—and she heard someone knocking at the door. She left the lechada on the stove and went to answer the door; and when she came back, the lechada was burnt and had turned into a brown jam: dulce de leche.

Quince and Sweet Potato Jelly
Quince jelly (dulce de membrillo) is a firm, sticky, sweet reddish hard paste made from the quince fruit. Dulce de membrillo is prepared by cooking over a slow fire, made of quince fruit, sugar and water. Sweet potato or yam jelly (dulce de batata) is a firm, sticky yellow paste made from the sweet potato or yam. Both jellies are sold in squares or block and are traditionally eaten in Argentine with cheese. This is known as the poorman’s or policeman’s desert (el postre del pobre or el postre del vigilante).

The alfajor is a traditional Argentine biscuit consisting of a sandwich of two round sweet biscuits with a dulce de leche filling. The biscuit is usually covered with powdered sugar (known as a white alfajor) or chocolate. The name alfajor is derived from an Arabic word which means "fancy" sweet. We offer the Rolls Royce of Argentine alfajores which is made in Mar del Plata by Havanna.

Argentines love their biscuits! There are numerous different types, both sweet and savoury. We offer a small selection of sweet and savoury biscuits made by Don Satur and for the more health conscious among us, wholewheat bran crackers made by Fargo.

Herbal Teas
Argentines have a herbal tea for pretty much every ailment. Some of their teas are similar to those available in Europe (for example camomile and mint). There are other variants such as boldo, tilo, poleo, cedrón or mate cocido that are virtually unknown in Europe.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate is a tea-like beverage consumed mainly in the South American countries of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil. In Argentina, drinking yerba mate represents a national ritual. The Uruguayans are even more enthusiastic. They bring their mate with them when they go for a stroll!! Mainly consumed at home among friends and family, the dried leaves (yerba) are steeped in a gourd (mate) and the resulting tea is sucked through a metal straw, or bombilla. Yerba mate is a natural stimulant devoid of side effects and toxicity. An invigorator of the mind and body, a natural source of nutrition, and a health promoter par excellence, yerba mate deserves the attention of every person interested in optimum health.