Mate Gourd Palo Santo Half Metal Sheath

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This is a genuine palo santo handmade mate gourd

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Size Chart

This is a high quality handmade mate gourd made from palo santo wood with a metal sheath that covers the lower half of the gourd. The metal gourd helps protect the wood and means that it will last for years if treated correctly. Palo santo, otherwise known as bursera graveolens, is a hardwood tree that grows widely across Southern and Central America. Most of the wood used to make mates grows in the Gran Chacho region of northern Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. For many generations the wood has been used in traditional medicine to treat ailments of the stomach. Palo santo wood has been used for incense making, and the essential oil is popular in aromatherapy. Palo santo wood produces a lovely aroma and that is why it is very popular material used to make gourds for drinking yerba mate. It is naturally fragrant and combines well with the smoky and earthy tones of yerba mate. While using the gourd a discolouration of the wood takes place. This is a natural process which occurs through the absorption of the tea.

Approximate dimensions:
Width: 70mm
Height: 90mm
Internal depth: 65mm
Mouth: 50mm

As each mate gourd is handmade the dimensions given above are approximate. Each mate gourd is slightly different!

Mates made from palo santo wood have to be treated carefully. Because palo santo is a very hard wood there is always the risk that the gourd will crack if not treated correctly. To avoid cracking it is essential to avoid variations in temperature and humidity. It is ideal if you use the gourd every day so that it is always in contact with the yerba and the water. If you only use the gourd periodically never rinse the gourd with cold water after use. Remove the yerba with a teaspoon and leave the gourd to dry naturally. Once the gourd has dried the remaining yerba can be removed by turning the gourd upside down. However avoid banging the gourd!! If the gourd has not been used for a long period of time it is recommended that you repeat the curing process.

How to cure a mate gourd made of palo santo
1: Coat the interior of the gourd with a greasy substance such as butter or sunflower oil. 
2: Leave the gourd with the butter or oil in it for 24 hours.
3: Once the wood has absorbed the grease, wash out the gourd with warm water (NOT boiling water).
4: Fill the gourd ¾ with yerba mate and fill with warm water (NOT boiling water!!).
5: Wait 24 hours and then repeat steps 5 and 6 at least twice, and preferably 3 times.


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Curar Mate Palo Santo

How to cure a palo santo mate gourd

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