Jorge Drexler is coming to Dublin

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Jorge Drexler is coming to Dublin

Jorge Drexler is performing live in Dublin for the first time ever.

The Uruguayan musician and singer-songwriter with over three decades of career, has recorded fourteen studio albums and toured worldwide, which has allowed him to know and appreciate many territories and cultures. Nowadays, Drexler is a well-recognized and awarded artist, with an Oscar Award (2004) and thirteen Latin Grammys (2014, 2018, 2021, 2022) to his credit. After almost five years of record silence, in 2022, Jorge Drexler released his latest album 'Tinta y Tiempo'. Anchored on his trademark poetic cosmovision and quirky wordplay, the collection is boosted by exquisite orchestral arrangements on most songs.

Drexler's trajectory is extensive and prolific, characterized by his tireless spirit of exploration and experimentation with music and lyrics. His texts, inspired by several areas of knowledge, are multifaceted and delve into the worlds of poetry and science alike. His passion for prose and verse, décimas, and language, along with his unique ability to express deep emotions, adds to his strong commitment to building bridges between different cultures and seeking connections and empathy across all societies in the modern world.

He is performing in the NCH on Wednesday 15/05/24