How to choose the ideal gourd?

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How to choose the ideal gourd?

There are many different types of mate gourds in use and every mate drinker has his or her own favourite. What types are available? What is the best option to choos?

Pumpkin shell (calabaza): The original traditional mate gourd (called calabaza in Spanish) is made from a hollowed out pumpkin shell. These are still widely used and are the cheapest option. There are loads of variants available ranging from plain calabazas to ones with a ring on top, decorative models, ones with legs, ones with stands, etc, etc. As the calabaza is a natural product you can get all sorts of sizes and shapes. The calabaza has a limited lifetime depending on how carefully it is used and it needs to be cured for 48 hours before first use.

Wooden gourds: Then you have wooden gourds, plain, with a metal sheath, with a leather sheath, ... again lots of variants. The wooden gourd will last much longer if it is cared for properly. It needs to be cured for around 24 hours before first use.

Ceramic or glass gourds: Then there are ceramic and glass gourds. These last a lot longer unless they are dropped!! We have loads of variants, covered with real leather, faux leather, fabric, lots of colourful designs. These do not need to be cured.

Plastic or silicone gourds: Finally we have some more trendy "urban" gourds made either of hard plastic or silicon. These are growing in popularity in the cities and among the youngsters. They will in theory last forever if cared for properly.