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METAMATE Click Mate w/ Cover & Drinking Pipe

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Cleverly designed plastic mate with drinking pipe and anti-spill top

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Size Chart
Metamate Click mate is a clever new product which consists of a resistant hard-wearing plastic gourd and a removable top with a stainless steel drinking pipe.
The top reduces the likelihood of spillage when travelling
It's dead easy to use your Metamate Click mate!
- Fill the gourd (to about 3/4) with your favourite yerba.
- Put on the top
- Add water at about 70C
- Prepare a delicious mate.
When you have finished and want to clean the mate gourd simply remove the top and then all the yerba which then can be disposed off easily and cleanly.
Available in 4 colours.
Material:hard plastic
Width: approx. 7cm
Height: approx. 9.5cm
Opening: approx. 6cm

Material: stainless steel and plastic
Length: approx. 16.5cm
Shape: curved
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