KURUPI Yerba with Katuava & Burrito 500g

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Kurupi Yerba with Katuava is a new variation of blended yerba mate

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Kurupi Yerba with Katuava is a new variation of blended yerba mate. In addition to yerba mate and kituava (psidium cinereum), this blend also contains burrito (aloysia polystachya). This blend is specially created for those who want to experience the most amazing, healthy, stimulating drink. Its energizing effects help you get going with increased mental clarity, energy and alertness. The combination of yerba mate with katuava provokes a mighty energizer that fills all the body with vital energy and intensifies all feelings and senses. 

The medicinal properties of katuava are known for its good gastric stimulator effect. It is also used as reactivator of male strength and of all the internal secretion glands. In the modern herbal medicine of Brazil katuava is considered to stimulate the nervous system with the properties of aphrodisiac and the its infusion is used against sexual impotence, tension, stress, neurasthenia, insomnia, hypochondria, bad memory or amnesia and sexual weakness, and pains related to the central nervous system. 

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