5 Piece Accessory Set with Mate Kit Bag

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Complete accessory set covered with faux leather in a leather mate kit bag

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Size Chart

This 5 piece yerba mate accessories set consists of a mate kit bag, a glass gourd, a 1 litre termos flask, a sugar container and a yerba storage container.

All elements are covered with faux leather.

- The gourd is made of glass with a metal lip and is covered with faux leather
Approximate dimensions:
Width: 85mm
Depth: 80mm
Mouth: 70mm

- The termos flask is covered with faux leather and has a capacity of 1 litre

- The 2 storage tins are made of metal with a plastic spout and are covered with faux carpincho Approximate dimensions:
- Width: 95mm
- Height: 1050mm

Available in 4 different colours.

All you need is some yerba and you are ready to go!!

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