KRAUS Organic Mate Tea (25 tea bags)

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Argentina's favourite organic mate cocido

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Mate tea (or mate cocido) is an easy way to enjoy yerba mate. To make a good mate tea, place a bag of Karus organic yerba mate in a cup, add boiling water and let it rest for 5 minutes. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add sugar or sweetner!! The yerba mate Kraus has been produced since the beginning of 20th century following the family tradition, working the field under the principles and requirements of a sustainable agriculture. Always looking for the preservation and fertility of the field in long terms.
The plantations from yerba organic Kraus are located in Colonia Santo Domingo Savio, San Ignacio, which belongs to the province Misiones. It is near to San Ignacio Miní, one of the 30 most important villages in which the Jesuits founded their missions.

Kraus is a 100% natural product, without any pesticides, fungicides nor herbicides. Furthermore it holds the International Quality Certificate OIA and also the kosher certificate


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