EL MONCAYO Yerba Herbal Blend 1kg

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Uruguay's favourite herbal mix yerba mate
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Size Chart
El Moncayo Herbal Blend is a blended yerba from Uruguay. It is a strong yerba without stems with a herbal blend that has become increasingly popular in Uruguay. The yerba is blended with the following herbs:
TILO: Traditional natural sedative which helps to reduce blood pressure
BOLDO: Traditional digestiveremedy in Argentina and Uruguay
CARNICERA: Traditional digestive remedy in Argentina and Uruguay
CAMOMILLE: Traditional digestive remedy in Argentina and Uruguay
SARANDI BLANCO: Beneficial for diabetics
ARRAYAN: Digestive remedy
PITANGA: Digestive remedy
MENTA: Another traditional digestive remedy
POLEO: Helps indigestion
CEDRON: Helps indigestion
CONGOROSA: Diuretic properties
SOMBRA DE TORO: Digestive remedy
El Moncayoyerba mate
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