HAVANNA Alfajores with Nuts x12

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Alfajores HAVANNA ... the Rolls-Royce of Argentine alfajores

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Alfajores HAVANNA Alfajor with Nuts. This new alfajor consists of two delicate biscuits filled with a delicious combination of dulce de leche, cashews and nuts, covered by a layer of the purest white chocolate.

The Havanna Alfajores factory was founded in 1948 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, by Demetrio Eliades, Benjamin Sisterna and Luis Sbaraglini, and has become the most renowned both in its home country and abroad, thanks to the quality and excellent acceptance of its products worldwide. Today, the company produces 100 million alfajores a year, as well as other products which are largely consumed in Argentina, but also reach other countries not only through exports, but also in the hands of tourists who visit the country and feel the desire to bring these treats as a gift for their family and friends (or for themselves, why not).

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